Daylight Mash-up

(This post has a cover song embedded in the middle.)

As mentioned in my previous post (see here), I’m sharing a few of the things I did at the resort. It’s not much as I’ve lately come to realize how I’ve outgrown the “gigil” / excitement when it comes to swimming. I think at this stage in my life, I’m already contented with the fact of being in a resort and having thoughts of swimming rather than the actual act of doing it. Now, I’m more into people watching, watching them and judging them. It’s not really that I despise swimming anymore, I just feel there are more important things to consider when going out on a summer break.

Sunblock – which I totally forgot to bring. A very basic mistake, and yet could have unimaginable consequences. Luckily, we were able to find a few shades that helped protect us from the sun as we took some shots.

But honestly, you still can’t deny the fact that basking under the sun gives us such a wonderful feeling.

Freedom and leisure – at least for a time you get to forget all the worries you have. Work and other stressors in life get to be put aside as you enjoy the summer breeze and the heat of the sun (on your unprotected skin). Always bring sunblock!

So while the rest of them are taking a dip in the pool, I lingered on the side, pondering how beautiful life is… (see above) and taking pictures of them having fun (see below). Don’t get me wrong, I am having fun doing what I’m doing. So all is fair. Later, as the sun sets and slowly descends I will go and take my share of dips in the water too. And they’ll be the ones taking pictures! 😉

20130409-084619.jpgAt the resort, you can do whatever you want. Swim, read a book, sleep, people watch, relax, etc. All you gotta do is find the things that best go together and mash it up!

Just as I mash-ed up a few songs below with Maroon 5’s Daylight. The first time I heard this song, I was so ecstatic. The feel was just so uplifting and very catchy. It took me a couple of weeks to come up with the right blend for this piece. I hope you enjoy listening to it.

The instrumental I used was from YouTube. I do not own the accompaniment. All I did was sing to it, layered a few backup vocals here and there and added a wee bit of effects. Katy Perry’s songs seemed like a perfect fit to some of the parts so they made their way to the final mix. It was originally just Imagine Dragons and Adam’s songs, but it ended up with a few more.

This summer I’m really hoping to come up with a few more covers. I’m starting to feel the groove on making mash-ups.

Wish me luck! And if do have any ideas on songs that could be mashed together, do send me a message and I’ll see how I can add a CK twist to it! 😉

Oh, before I end this post, I’d like to show you some proof that I did take a dip in the pool! Say hello to my ever awesome jump shots!

And my personal best so far! I think it’s more of a fly shot than just a jump shot.

Happy summer y’all! You’ve just been FU-ed by CK.

Photos by Bjorn A.

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Pale Sunshine

Yesterday, I went on my first summer outing for the year. It was a lovely resort in Cavite, Philippines but it was more apparently intended for kids. If you’re looking for a place for your kids to enjoy at a very low price, this is the place to go. Qubo Qabana Resort and Hotel has a main pool with slides. The pool has a water level set at 4 feet max, good for those (above 4 feet) who don’t really know how to swim in deep waters (obviously). The resort also has another kiddie pool with mushroom falls, a few qubo cabana huts, a mini bar and grilling station. They also have hotel rooms and a private pool for their guests staying in. For more info, you may visit their site.




(Photos grabbed from the main site. I do not own the photos of the resort.)

Anyhow, as the sun’s rays have been intense as ever, I opted to wear something light (so I don’t get too hot under the sun) and something easy (and ready for swimming).

I’m wearing: Buttoned shirt (Folded & Hung), Black tank (SM Department Store), Board shorts (D Mall, Boracay), Aviator shades (Bench), Carryall Bag (Refill Men), Sportswatch (Timex), Flipflops (Havaianas)

I’ve always been drawn to these shades of white, kind of a bit lighter flesh tones. The red floral print in the board shorts grabs my attention. I got these pair of shorts a few months back when I went to Boracay for a late mid-year vacation.

And as you may see me often in, I took out my ever trusted black tank top and covered it with my (unbuttoned) buttoned shirt. I just adore the red lining on this shirt from Folded & Hung. It’s made of 100% light cotton so the fabric is so easy and comfy to wear on hot days like these.

I brought my another trusted piece of apparel, more like accessory, my aviator shades from Bench. We’ve been through a lot of trips together and they never fail me! 😉

Come back soon for more. I’ll be posting some of the other stuff we did at the resort soon. Thanks for stopping by and checking out the latest FU by CK.

Photos by Bjorn A.

No Gray Areas

Not everything in life is often black and white. It’s sometimes just too difficult to identify which we should choose, given the many philosophical and moral nature (big words) of things. A lot of fine lines are tread, and most often than not, we cross over if not just sit on the fence. But this blog post is nothing anywhere near life’s dilemma! Haha, sorry to disappoint. It’s about what style I aimed to hit. For my look, I opted to go for either black or white (with a touch of color) and in no way adding any shades of gray! I’m gunning for a light feel on a black and white template.

I’m wearing: White 3/4 sleeves buttoned shirt (Le Froge), Black tank (SM Department Store), White mid-length shorts (Mental), Black mid-cut chucks (Pony), Aviator shades (Bench)

To start my look, I pulled out my white Mental shorts and built my way around that piece. I love the red cross print on it so much, simply and precisely because it’s red. Red just appeals to me, it just does! And red on white makes it pop all the more.

Then I took out my all-around plain black tank from SM Department Store. And layered it with my old white buttoned shirt from Le Froge to match my shorts.


To finish the look, I wore a black mid-cut chucks from Pony which completes the black ‘n white style.

I tried to take off the buttoned shirt to show off some muscles but I think I failed on that area. But worry not, I’m working on it, knowing that Summer is shoving its heat and waves right in our faces, the gym is my new favorite hangout spot lately. (Will probably put up some gym wear look soon.)

And my shoot would not be complete without the floor shots! Booya!


And finally, to cap off a relaxing weekend shoot, won’t you lie down with me?

Thanks for stopping by! Do like and comment on this post. I would love to hear your thoughts (nothing evil I hope… haha) ‘coz you’ve just been FU-ed by CK!

Photos by Bjorn A.


Happy Easter everyone! As with almost everything, it takes a while for things to pick up. So I’m glad I am able to pick up where I left off. It’s time to resurrect my blog!

I wanted a laid back feel for my look, something wearable on a normal lazy day at home, so I picked a light shirt from Mint. Also perfect for the hot summer heat. I paired it with a bright orange mid-length bottom also from Mint. Loving the vibrant color that compliments the summer weather as well.

I brought my guitar to the shoot as a musical accessory. This shoot also doubles as a shoot for my soundcloud covers. The guitar does complete the ensemble toning down the vibrance of the bottom and pumping up the neutral tone of the top.

Here are some more shots we took.


And I just had to get a floor shot.

And an air shot!

To close, I just want to showcase a few of the other stuff I have. Havs and Guitar stuff! I would love to give more info on these but perhaps in another post!


It was fun! And you’ve been FU-ed by CK.

Oody’s Thai Halo-Halo

Went out tonight with a friend. It’s the first time I’d see her this year, and to think we work in the same office building. We went to Oody’s to grab something to eat. It’s been a year since we last ate here together.


I’m wearing: V-neck (Hanford) | Jacket (101 New York) | Fedora (Bench)

She got our forever favorite Egg Noodle with Crab Meat. I wasn’t able to take a photo (my bad). I did take a photo of my Thai Halo-Halo dessert.

What’s nice about this dish is that you get to mix the ingredients yourself. Something like a DIY dish.



For something that only has 4 ingredients, it still tastes quite as exquisite as a great halo-halo should taste. It has Jackfruit, Nata de Coco, Red Bean, and Sweet Plum Fruit mixed into a bowl of ice shaving and milky sherbet.


Enjoy it at your nearest Oody’s Thai Rice Noodles ‘n Bar Branch. There’s one in Greenbelt. That’s the latest FU (Food Update) by CK.

AccessUrEyeS #1: Yellow Suede Shoes

Take out your thinking caps and open your eyes for style! I’m posting this challenge to myself and perhaps to anyone else who’s willing to take on this challenge.

Alright, this challenge basically demands you to Access Ur Eyes for Style to accessorize and come up with a look that cohesively matches the theme and style of the item posted. The item can either be a piece of apparel, shoes, accessories or whatever.

I thought it nice to do this so I can also be creative and practice my styling abilities.

Ok, for this first challenge, the item to dress up with is brought to us by Folded & Hung. This yellow suede shoes was released about a month ago and it really caught my attention as it was displayed in the boutique with its bright yellow aura. I had no choice but to try it on and buy it! I’ll definitely have fun playing dress up!





Enjoy! You’ve just been FU-ed by CK!

The Examiner

Every year, it has been a tradition of mine to go back to my alma mater and administer the entrance exam as a well respected examiner.

The only thing is, I couldn’t disregard the fact that somehow, being an examiner doesn’t go well with my name!

Go figure!

I’m wearing: Buttoned shirt (New York 101) | Pants (Bench) | Glasses ( Tag Heuer) | Watch (Timex) | Shoes (Girbaud)










And you’ve just been FU-ed by CK!

Wedding [and] Singer

About a month ago, I had to attend two weddings. And luckily both couples thought it nice to have me sing at their wedding. And thus my wedding singer career jump-started.

Here’s a sample cover song in my wedding rep. It’s a song from the movie The Wedding Singer, Grow Old With You by Adam Sandler. I got the instrumental from Youtube. (You gotta admit, a lot of free stuff floating about in the internet these days.) Lead and Backup Vocals all done by me though. 😉

Feel free to leave a comment! I love it when you do that. Haha! Enjoy! 🙂

Going back to the actual weddings. The first wedding’s bride was my friend from the office. The wedding was in Baguio. The second wedding’s groom was actually my cousin and he was wise enough to get me as his best man as well! Wedding singer plus best man, that should be a great deal already. I had to look classy and elegant.

I’m wearing: Everything from People Are People




The Wedding’s Mythical Four: Couple with the Best Man and the Maid-of-Honor

At the reception…



Oh, that’s Monica Sacay. I met her at the wedding reception. She really sings beautifully as well.

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It works!

And yet again, another dummy post. Forgive this childish bashing of unnecessary entries. It’s just that I need to fill this blog with a couple of entries before I finally release it for public consumption. Not that it isn’t yet, it’s just not yet official. Anyhoo, you best behave coz you’re about to be following someone Legen — wait for it — oooh, a dragon..Red Dragon

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