Oody’s Thai Halo-Halo

Went out tonight with a friend. It’s the first time I’d see her this year, and to think we work in the same office building. We went to Oody’s to grab something to eat. It’s been a year since we last ate here together.


I’m wearing: V-neck (Hanford) | Jacket (101 New York) | Fedora (Bench)

She got our forever favorite Egg Noodle with Crab Meat. I wasn’t able to take a photo (my bad). I did take a photo of my Thai Halo-Halo dessert.

What’s nice about this dish is that you get to mix the ingredients yourself. Something like a DIY dish.



For something that only has 4 ingredients, it still tastes quite as exquisite as a great halo-halo should taste. It has Jackfruit, Nata de Coco, Red Bean, and Sweet Plum Fruit mixed into a bowl of ice shaving and milky sherbet.


Enjoy it at your nearest Oody’s Thai Rice Noodles ‘n Bar Branch. There’s one in Greenbelt. That’s the latest FU (Food Update) by CK.


AccessUrEyeS #1: Yellow Suede Shoes

Take out your thinking caps and open your eyes for style! I’m posting this challenge to myself and perhaps to anyone else who’s willing to take on this challenge.

Alright, this challenge basically demands you to Access Ur Eyes for Style to accessorize and come up with a look that cohesively matches the theme and style of the item posted. The item can either be a piece of apparel, shoes, accessories or whatever.

I thought it nice to do this so I can also be creative and practice my styling abilities.

Ok, for this first challenge, the item to dress up with is brought to us by Folded & Hung. This yellow suede shoes was released about a month ago and it really caught my attention as it was displayed in the boutique with its bright yellow aura. I had no choice but to try it on and buy it! I’ll definitely have fun playing dress up!





Enjoy! You’ve just been FU-ed by CK!

The Examiner

Every year, it has been a tradition of mine to go back to my alma mater and administer the entrance exam as a well respected examiner.

The only thing is, I couldn’t disregard the fact that somehow, being an examiner doesn’t go well with my name!

Go figure!

I’m wearing: Buttoned shirt (New York 101) | Pants (Bench) | Glasses ( Tag Heuer) | Watch (Timex) | Shoes (Girbaud)










And you’ve just been FU-ed by CK!

Wedding [and] Singer

About a month ago, I had to attend two weddings. And luckily both couples thought it nice to have me sing at their wedding. And thus my wedding singer career jump-started.

Here’s a sample cover song in my wedding rep. It’s a song from the movie The Wedding Singer, Grow Old With You by Adam Sandler. I got the instrumental from Youtube. (You gotta admit, a lot of free stuff floating about in the internet these days.) Lead and Backup Vocals all done by me though. 😉

Feel free to leave a comment! I love it when you do that. Haha! Enjoy! 🙂

Going back to the actual weddings. The first wedding’s bride was my friend from the office. The wedding was in Baguio. The second wedding’s groom was actually my cousin and he was wise enough to get me as his best man as well! Wedding singer plus best man, that should be a great deal already. I had to look classy and elegant.

I’m wearing: Everything from People Are People




The Wedding’s Mythical Four: Couple with the Best Man and the Maid-of-Honor

At the reception…



Oh, that’s Monica Sacay. I met her at the wedding reception. She really sings beautifully as well.

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It works!

And yet again, another dummy post. Forgive this childish bashing of unnecessary entries. It’s just that I need to fill this blog with a couple of entries before I finally release it for public consumption. Not that it isn’t yet, it’s just not yet official. Anyhoo, you best behave coz you’re about to be following someone Legen — wait for it — oooh, a dragon..Red Dragon

You’ve just been FU-ed by CK!

Dummy Post

So I’m just trying out this new template for my blog. And I need to make this dummy post to make it work. Well, I think if you really wanna be FU-ed, I don’t think it can go any worse than this. Glad you still managed to visit here though. Really appreciate it!

Well, you’ve been FU-ed by CK!

More than just another blog

This actually isn’t my first blog. Over the years, I’ve accumulated perhaps over 5 sites already, each capturing anything my great and brilliant mind could think of. It thrives for a couple of months and eventually die off into Internet-oblivion. But honestly, I don’t think anything dies within the Internet. It will just be stored somewhere, within the depths of the Internet-unknown, waiting for someone, most likely a geeky someone with no life, to reach it and bring it back to the surface.

Which brings me to my next point. I’m making this blog to, in a way or another, document a part of my life and share it to anyone willing to invest their precious time on me! I promise to make it worth your while! Because you don’t wanna be just FU-ed by me!

But hey, you’ve reached this point and I haven’t even showed any photos yet. So technically…

You’ve just been FU-ed by CK!

This is me way back in my much younger days. Forgive me for I did not know what I was doing!
20130122-135255.jpgI’m wearing: Cap (RRJ)

Now, I’ve grown to be a man! Or so I’d like to think!
20130122-135842.jpgI’m wearing: Coat (People Are People) | Shirt (People Are People) | Slacks (People Are People) | Shoes (Mario D’boro) | Glasses (Tag Heuer)

Didn’t take too much time to edit the photos for my first entry. I’d like to show the raw me first before the embellished versions!

Anyhoo, follow me here and you’ll alway be FU-ed by CK!