Hey there!

I’m CK! Everywhere in the net, you’ll find me under the username “CKEspanol“. I’m a systems analyst by profession and a singer/blogger by hobby. Ok, I partially made that last part up. I’m more of a singer than a blogger. Sharing a sample below. But if you you look closely at my sidebar, you’ll see a SoundCloud widget that shows all my recorded covers. Check ’em out! 🙂

Anyway, I made this blog so I could post updates on my latest trend in style and music. Initially I thought of focusing on fashion, but I realized, my forte and passion is in music. Then I also realized that I also want to throw in a little bit of everything else in my entries, so I decided to scrap the original idea and made F-ing Updates instead!

If you wanna be updated, CK-style, then you’ve found the right place! Get ready to be FU-ed!
Over-compensation: Click to see more!

Seriously, you’ve just been FU-ed by CK!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. If anyone can achieve anything, including all of their hopes and dreams it is certainly you, CK! You are the one to watch.

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