AccessUrEyeS #1: Yellow Suede Shoes

Take out your thinking caps and open your eyes for style! I’m posting this challenge to myself and perhaps to anyone else who’s willing to take on this challenge.

Alright, this challenge basically demands you to Access Ur Eyes for Style to accessorize and come up with a look that cohesively matches the theme and style of the item posted. The item can either be a piece of apparel, shoes, accessories or whatever.

I thought it nice to do this so I can also be creative and practice my styling abilities.

Ok, for this first challenge, the item to dress up with is brought to us by Folded & Hung. This yellow suede shoes was released about a month ago and it really caught my attention as it was displayed in the boutique with its bright yellow aura. I had no choice but to try it on and buy it! I’ll definitely have fun playing dress up!





Enjoy! You’ve just been FU-ed by CK!