Dummy Post

So I’m just trying out this new template for my blog. And I need to make this dummy post to make it work. Well, I think if you really wanna be FU-ed, I don’t think it can go any worse than this. Glad you still managed to visit here though. Really appreciate it!

Well, you’ve been FU-ed by CK!


More than just another blog

This actually isn’t my first blog. Over the years, I’ve accumulated perhaps over 5 sites already, each capturing anything my great and brilliant mind could think of. It thrives for a couple of months and eventually die off into Internet-oblivion. But honestly, I don’t think anything dies within the Internet. It will just be stored somewhere, within the depths of the Internet-unknown, waiting for someone, most likely a geeky someone with no life, to reach it and bring it back to the surface.

Which brings me to my next point. I’m making this blog to, in a way or another, document a part of my life and share it to anyone willing to invest their precious time on me! I promise to make it worth your while! Because you don’t wanna be just FU-ed by me!

But hey, you’ve reached this point and I haven’t even showed any photos yet. So technically…

You’ve just been FU-ed by CK!

This is me way back in my much younger days. Forgive me for I did not know what I was doing!
20130122-135255.jpgI’m wearing: Cap (RRJ)

Now, I’ve grown to be a man! Or so I’d like to think!
20130122-135842.jpgI’m wearing: Coat (People Are People) | Shirt (People Are People) | Slacks (People Are People) | Shoes (Mario D’boro) | Glasses (Tag Heuer)

Didn’t take too much time to edit the photos for my first entry. I’d like to show the raw me first before the embellished versions!

Anyhoo, follow me here and you’ll alway be FU-ed by CK!