Oody’s Thai Halo-Halo

Went out tonight with a friend. It’s the first time I’d see her this year, and to think we work in the same office building. We went to Oody’s to grab something to eat. It’s been a year since we last ate here together.


I’m wearing: V-neck (Hanford) | Jacket (101 New York) | Fedora (Bench)

She got our forever favorite Egg Noodle with Crab Meat. I wasn’t able to take a photo (my bad). I did take a photo of my Thai Halo-Halo dessert.

What’s nice about this dish is that you get to mix the ingredients yourself. Something like a DIY dish.



For something that only has 4 ingredients, it still tastes quite as exquisite as a great halo-halo should taste. It has Jackfruit, Nata de Coco, Red Bean, and Sweet Plum Fruit mixed into a bowl of ice shaving and milky sherbet.


Enjoy it at your nearest Oody’s Thai Rice Noodles ‘n Bar Branch. There’s one in Greenbelt. That’s the latest FU (Food Update) by CK.